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Unauthorised access to Trusted Quid website on 17 February 2018

The incident relates to personal, employment and financial data entered by people applying for a loan directly via the Trusted Quid website between 1 July 2016 and 17 February 2018. There is a possibility that people who used our website during this period to apply for a loan are affected. We are very sorry and sincerely regret what has happened.

If your data is affected, you will receive an email from us either on 28 February 2018 or 1 March 2018. The email will outline the support and advice you can access free of charge, including the support centre where experts from CyberScout will be on hand to answer your questions and outline further services available. The CyberScout free telephone helpline is 0808 101 1022, available from 08:00-20:00 Monday through Friday, where you can speak to an experienced anti-fraud specialist who can answer any questions you may have on what this incident means for you.

The protection of our customers' personal information is a priority for us and we want to assure you that we are fully committed to helping support you. We continue to work with a team of experts who are assisting us in in responding to this incident.

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Total Repayable: £1544.47

840 Principal & £704.47 Interest). 0.78% interest per day on outstanding capital, and no up-front fees.

  • 1 30th Nov 2015 - £371
  • 2 30th Nov 2015 - £371
  • 3 30th Nov 2015 - £371
  • 4 30th Nov 2015 - £371
  • 5 30th Nov 2015 - £371
  • 6 30th Nov 2015 - £371

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